British Shorthair cats are, without any doubt, one of most popular breeds in Europe. The British Shorthair is a good-natured, affectionate and intelligent cat that makes the best sort of friend.

They are very affectionate and they will follow you quietly from room to the room until they find a place near you. Patient and reliable, British Shorthair will live in harmony with children and other pets. They are moderately active cats, devoted to the larger number of people – household members (family).


With their round and broad head, large and round eyes, strong and muscular body, and very soft and dense coat, people often call them “teddy bear” in the cats’ world.

Standard of the British Shorthair Cats: Large to medium and compact or “cobby”, with broad, muscular chest. Legs are short to medium strong with round and firm paws. Medium length tail is in proportion to the body, thicker at the base, tapering slightly to a rounded tip. Head is round and massive; ears are medium size, wide-set and fitting well into the rounded contour of the head. Eyes are large, round and wide open. Coat is short, resilient and dense; fine texture with dense undercoat.


British Shorthair is a very healthy cat. You can expect lifetime between 14 and 20 years.