About Us



Marrubium is a FIFe registered cattery of British shorthair cats since April 2004. I am a member of the Zagreb Feline Society since September 2003, and this means also of the Croatian Feline Society Federation.


My first “Brit” is a lilac-white Bi-Colour tomcat Koki, but we all call him Luka. The name Koki somehow did not fit the kitten, and Luka, my best friend’s son, gave his consent for Koki to become Luka. Not wanting Luka to be lonely while I am at work, I decided to get him a mate and begin with cat breeding, so I started an Internet search.


It ended in my acquisition of not one, but two lady kittens. Two beautiful blue Tortoiseshell cats, Queen from Germany and Bella from the Netherlands, arrived to our home.

Bella1 Queen1

To make sure that we are never bored, my daughter Morana got, beside two hamsters, an Oriental named Ferdo. Since September 2004 she is also a member of the Zagreb Feline Society and we participate in shows together.

pics4 pics3

At 31.10.2005 in our home arrived a real “Halloween” tomcat named Tino – a beautiful little black British boy – 4 months old.

Quentin-Tarantino (7)

In November Miracula join our family – she is a Cornish rex cat – the only representative of her breed in the Croatia at the moment.


So, at this moment (March 2006), my family consists of myself, my daughter Morana and son Filip, four British Shorthair cats, an Oriental tomcat and Cornish rex girl – not meaning that we are not going to grow in number in the future. Photos and news may be seen on these pages.


V. Rabadana 68 d
10090 Zagreb
Hrvatska / Croatia
tel. +385 1 346 3461
mob. +385 98 480 811


All our cats are FeLV, FIV and PKD (DNA) tested – and all tests are negative.